Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Fitness Report: Playlists, Workouts and Cycling

Ahhhh summer seems to have creeped upon us and I'm yet to properly start working outside in the fresh air. A few things changed since my last fitness report when I was just getting started with my new lifestyle.

First of all, I made a fitness playlist! I definitely need to add more songs to it but for now 30 minutes of music are fine for me. You can check out the songs I selected in this post. I mostly choose music for when I go jogging because that's basically the only time when I listen to it during my fitness routine.

Last week, instead of doing the usual leg workout I tried Brutal Low Impact Workout (55 minutes) and oh my god at some points I thought I was going to die but damn if it worked! I istantly saw results and it was definitely worth it. It really helped with my balance and from it I also learned new work out positions.
Another youtuber than I've subscribed to this month is Ballet Beautiful by Mary Helen Bowers. Her 15 minute workouts do nearly kill you but I quite enjoy doing them as I find that by doing them I've toned up a lot.

In addition I've been cycling every day for about 7km. Last Monday I started my work-experience which happens to be in my area giving me the opportunity to cycle there instead of taking the public transport which seems to take longer. I've really been getting into it and I think I'll keep doing it as long as the weather makes it possible and maybe continue to do so in September when school starts again.

What's your favourite youtube channel to follow for workouts?

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