Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Polaroid Fujifilm

I've had my Nikon D5000 for over 2 years now; and that was when my passion for photography started. Since then I've been interesting in all types of photography and a year back my eye was caught by polaroid pictures, the idea of capturing every moment on a small white film amused me, and when the time came to wish for something for my birthday (by the way, it was last month), I didn't think about it twice and asked for a polaroid instax mini 7.
I couldn't have been happier with this little object! It's just a fun way to take pictures with friends (instead of all those selfies), especially because  it captures genuine emotions since you can't retake the photo.
The films -the photos taken- are quite expensive, about 80 cents each, but the camera itself is 55 euro.
At first your pictures might not come out as you expected them to, you'll have to get used to it and learn when and how to use the right effect. But personally, I think that it takes really good pictures and the colours are amazing. If you are interested in buying a polaroid I would totally recommend this one!

Do you have a polaroid and what do you think about it?


  1. Ahh, I've been thinking of getting this one - so many positive reviews everywhere! :) x

  2. I would recommend it to you! It's really easy and fun to use! Might be a bit too expensive but it's not something that I use daily so I won't spend all my money on buying films:)


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