Tuesday, 17 March 2015

An Ode to Jamie Topshop Jeans

The limit simply doesn't exist to the amount of jeans you can own, especially if you are a tshirt and jeans kind of gal. I like to pair jeans with anything, whether it's in the winter with a big jumper or in the summer with a cropped top. 

My favourite jeans of all time are the Topshop Jamie Jeans; I love them so much that out of the five pair of jeans I own, four are from this range. I bought my first washed black pair two years ago and since then I've completely switched and bought another three, one more washed black, a bordeaux and an acid washed blue pair(?).
What I like about them is how thick and stretchy they are, although skinny jeans aren't the most comfortable of them all, these are! They are slightly high waisted, meaning that there will be no underwear lines showing and you'll feel more sucked in (in a good way). After buying my second pair of the black/grey ones, I DIYed my own and created a pair of ripped jeans.

If you've never tried Jamie Jeans and you regularly visit Topshop. I would highly recommend that next time you go in a fitting room, you bring in with you a pair to try.

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