Saturday, 21 March 2015

Transitional Camel Jumper


My favourite season is finally here and I couldn't be happier. More sunlight (vitamin D y'know?), more colours and no more cold afternoons spent barricaded in a café sipping on hot drinks. I love everything about this season, even that awkward phase that everybody hates where it's too warm for ugg boots and scarves but it's too cold to wear tshirts.

When changing from winter to spring I usually go lighter on the bottom and wear the winter-y jumpers to keep me warm. Jackets don't always appear and when I can, I avoid wearing them just because it's another piece of clothing I need to pair and take around with me for the whole day.

I was very unsure about the camel coloured jumper when I first tried it on, I thought it had a weird shape but still bought it for it's comfiness and because I was desperate for another colour on my palette that wasn't black or grey. Looking back it has been one of the best decisions I ever made, clothing-wise, I wear it every time I get the chance to, because it looks great on and with everything.
The black jeans are my trusty Topshop Jamie ones, I DIYed them myself by ripping them. What is there to say? I just love them and wrote a whole post about them here. There's nothing more I love about a camel wool jumper and a pair of black skinny ripped jeans.
I was late for the slip-ons bandwagon but I too own my pair of Topshop slip-on shoes. To avoid getting another pair of plain black and white shoes I got these that have this print I seem to be unable to describe.
My fedora hat is from & Other Stories and I feel like a Londoner when I wear it, maybe because I first saw and bought it in London but it makes me feel good, I've only worn it out in town once because I feel a bit out of place since no one wears them in Munich but I've promised myself that I would start taking it with me more often, especially because it's great for those lazy weekends where you can't be bothered to wash your hair but need to go out somewhere!

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