Friday, 17 April 2015

The Review | My Nikeys

Since I was very young my family always pushed me and my siblings to practice sports. I switched many sports, from competitive skiing to ballet but I've always done something to keep myself fit. Athletics was the last sport I practiced, which I've just recently given up due to school, it was simply taking too much of my time and I couldn't keep up with both at the same time.

Because during  athletics I used to run a lot (and because of other people's influence on me) I bought my very own pair of Nike Free 3.0. They can be a bit too pricey, but runner shoes like these, you won't find. They are extremely light and comfortable. When I first wore them for my first jog, it seemed like I was running on clouds.  
In Europe there's this new thing of pairing nikeys with casual outfits, to be worn not only in the gym, but outside aswell. And I must say that I've been wearing them pretty every time I get the chance too. Great for when you just want to quickly throw something on and leave the house.
 Personally I'm not a big fan of the design of trainers, but I love the one of these shoes; plus, blue is my favourite colour, so what could I want more?


  1. i've always wanted some of these! might put them on the birthday list...


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